Thursday, August 19, 2010

Five things we're excited about

Last week, Bryan, the boys from the other stores (Trek O Papillion, KC, St. Louis) and some of the higher-ups went to Wisconsin for the annual Trek World show. It was new stuff, wall to wall. Here are five things we're psyched to show you (and we'll have them all sooner or later):

1. Trek Earl
At $439, the Earl is simplicity at its best. Single-speed, versatile, fun. It has dual top tubes -- spaced a couple of inches apart -- to hold a U-lock. Beauty.

2. Speed Concept

The Speed Concept is pretty much the polar opposite of the Earl. Starting at under $2,000 and heading north of $10,000, the Speed Concept is for going fast. Period. There will be three frames to choose from -- the 9, 7 and 2 Series. According to Trek's white paper study, the 9 is the fastest TT/tri bike on the market. The 7 is the second fastest. Third? Assuming testing goes as planned, that would be the 2.

3. New helmets
Trek has, admittedly, been lagging behind in helmets. Where other brands have it dialed, Trek's had the same stuff for a while. Well, no longer. The company showed off its new entry- and mid-level lids -- the Solstice and Quantum. They'll replace the Vapor and Interval, respectively. And there's more on the way ... .

4. New shoes

Bontrager shoes have been around for a couple of seasons now, but it's time for a revamped lineup. The XXX-Lite road shoe (above) is the biggest splash -- and it's awesome. Super-light and super-stiff, it's a pro-level shoe in every way. Also notable is the Race MTB shoe. For $90, you get a stiff, lightweight shoe that's reworked from the ground up. It's a huge improvement over anything else out there under $100.

5. Madone SSL

You didn't think we'd skip the flagship road bike, did you? No way. The new 6 Series SSL is lighter, stiffer and faster than the previous model. When you mash the pedal, it goes -- plain and simple. The current 6 Series remains for 2011, as does the 4 Series. A reworked 5 Series and a new 3 Series Madone round out the lineup.

There you have it. We'll have 'em all at some point. It's gonna be a fun year!

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

So ... what's new?

Hey, it's been a while since we showed off the new stuff. Rest assured, if you haven't been in the store for a while, you're going to like what you see.

This one's for the ladies: Castelli's Prologo sleeveless jersey. Super-soft, super comfy. We have a full size run available.

Also new: Zipp accessories, like wheel bags (right) and a gear bag (left). We also have Zipp's Tangente aero tire in stock as well.

What about off-the-bike wear? We have T-shirts from Casetelli featuring Cervelo branding. Also, if you followed the Cervelo Test Team during the Tour de France, don't miss the white team jersey. Limited sizing is available, so don't wait!

Finally, here's the Cima jersey from Capo. It's lightweight, race-cut and super-soft. The Cima is Capo's top-end jersey. Sure it costs a bit more, but once you try it on, you'll see why.

And there's lots more where this came from! Stop in today to check out the goods. New 2011 stuff is rolling in every day.