Saturday, January 28, 2006

It's Been Fun!

Hi all. I just wanted to take a second to say thanks to everyone for making my time here at the Trek Store of Omaha such a great experience. As some of you know, I'm moving to Grand Lake, Colorado to work in a shop up there; my last day is Sunday the 29th. So, Saturday will be the last Ladies Ride that I'll lead; then Lori and the girls are taking over. Anyone who wants to can meet us here at the Trek Store by 9:45 and we'll leave by 10 a.m. heading South on the Keystone. We'll stop, as usual, at Caribou Coffee on the way back. I've had a really wonderful time getting to know a lot of you; thanks again for everything.
Happy Trails,
Sarah J.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Team Discovery Lands in Solvang

Trek Guru Zapata Espinoza has given us some exclusive Trek Store insight into the 2006 Discovery Team training camp. Check it out.

The 2006 Discovery Channel Pro Cycling team rode into Solvang, CA. for their annual winter training camp last week. Just days before the riders arrived, the team mechanics had taken delivery of 28 team issue Madone SL and five team issue Madone SSL frames that would be built-up in less than two days.

Just as occurred last year, a select handful of riders were chosen to participate in some wind tunnel & velodrome testing down south before the camp kicked into gear. Those riders included George Hincapie, Viatcheslav Ekimov, Tom Danielson, Yarolslav Popovych, Janez Branjkovic, Vladimir Gusev and Paolo Savoldelli.

As always, there was a full contingent of Trek engineers and product managers also in attendance to oversee the on-going development of Trek & Bontrager products. In fact, the day after the team was in the tunnel, the Trek engineers stayed on to continue testing a variety of new Trek & Bontrager products, including the new Equinox TTX time trial bike. Expect to see both the Trek TTT and TTX bikes under the team until they take delivery of a fleet of yet-to-be made Equinox TTX bikes which will become the new time trial machine for the team.

The Solvang camp took place under the usual clear blue skies and the riders once again happily faced the sinewy steep climbs and descents. Underneath them were the beautiful new OCLV 110 Trek Madone SL 5.9 – the official bike of the 2006 Discovery Channel team. Trek graphic designer Chad Bailey once again designed a visual masterpiece with the new metal-flake silver/bright blue colors. The bikes absolutely glisten in the sunlight and both the rider’s and team director Johan Bruyneel thought they looked great.

Also in attendance was the new OCLV 55 Carbon Madone SSL climbing bike. Like the Madone SL, the SSL had a great paint job and it really looked exceptional along with the Bontrager Aeolus wheels. Many riders were seen lifting the SSL and shaking their heads at how light it felt. Up & coming American Tom Danielson couldn’t stop asking if one of the bikes was intended for him.

As for the other product on display, there were a few bikes sporting the Trek 9i computer (most bikes were running SRM power meters for camp), more bikes were using the Bontrager Race XXX Lite carbon stem this year and a few bikes were even outfitted with the super-light OCLV Boron Bontrager Race XXX Lite VR handlebar. A small cheer went up at one team dinner when team liaison Scot Daubert announced that the sub-180 gram handlebar would be available for everyone.

In the wheel department, most of the riders started off camp riding their bombproof, team spec training wheels, but as the camp progressed some of them would begin testing the new 5.0mm Bontrager Aeolus wheels. When the team hits the first race, the Aeolus wheel will be standard equipment.

Other Bontrager components used by the team include: Race X Lite cages (the Race XXX Lite carbon cages will be saved for climbing stages), ???? handlebar tape, and Bzzzkill handlebar inserts. The riders get to choose between four different Bontrager saddles; Victory, Classic, Race X Lite, Race X Lite Pro

A majority of the Discovery Channel riders are now using Nike footwear. Even George Hincapie has made the switch and he was saying really good things about the Lance Ltd, he was wearing. While there are few riders using the Poggio 4UL, most seemed to be opting for the Lance Ltd. shoe because of the ratcheting buckle.

As you might expect, the Discovery Channel cameras were rolling the whole time so expect to see plenty of TV coverage of the team as the break into the new season. The first big race for the team will be the Tour of California (Feb. 19-26). For all the latest on Trek and the Discovery Channel team, be sure to follow along with Scott Daubert’s Road To The Tour web column and sign-up for the Exit 180 newsletter (both on the Trek web site).

The new Madone SSLx Posted by Picasa

Paolo Salvodelli Posted by Picasa

Eki gets aero Posted by Picasa

Team Director Sean Yates Posted by Picasa

The Madone 5.9 SSL's Posted by Picasa

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Lori's Serotta CDA


We're proud to announce are involvement with the new Midwest Trek-Volkswagen team. Congratulations to Highgear employee Peter Boyd and Highgear/LBC racing's Megan Hottman on their selection to the the midwests hottest new team.

Kansas City, MO -- Steve Tilford will serve as Rider Manager for the new "Midwest TREK-Volkswagen" team, which will make it's debut this season. The U.S. Cyclo-cross National Champion and 5-time mountain bike world champion brings over 20 years of racing and team management experience to a seven rider squad, which includes Bill Stolte (Topeka, KS), Shadd Smith (Shawnee Mission, KS), Adam Mills (Lawrence, KS), Tony Wilhelm (Kansas City, KS), junior rider Peter Boyd (Omaha, NE) and Megan Hottman (Mission, KS). In addition, the Midwest TREK/Volkswagen squad is seeking another Category 2 rider to round out the roster.

TREK Store of St. Louis and Kansas City Co-owner, Jay Thomas will serve as Program Director. Peter Maxwell will provide Administrative Director duties.

"We are excited as a company to be involved with a program that combines veteran race savvy with younger riders like Tony Wilhem," says Thomas. "This program is about the future."

The Midwest TREK-Volkswagen Team will focus on the larger midwest races including the Tour of Kansas City, Gateway Cup, Lincoln Plating Spring Cycling Classic as well as selct National Race Calendar events. In addition to an active competitive schedule, the Midwest TREK-Volkswagen Team will support various TREK Bicycle Store events as well as local and regional fundraising efforts.

For 2006, the Midwest TREK-Volkswagen Team will proudly ride TREK Madone 5.2 bicycles equipped with Shimano Ultegra components and Bontrager wheelsets. The riders will wear Voler clothing and spin in Nike shoes.

The Midwest TREK-Volkswagen Team has been made possible by the generous support of TREK, Volkswagen, Nike, Bontrager, Voler Team Apparel, JJ's, the TREK Bicycle Store of Kansas City, the TREK Bicycle Store of St. Louis and the TREK Bicycle Store of Omaha.

Serrota factory tour

Howdy folks, well Scott and I have made our return from the Serotta's Elements fit school and while we were there we had the oppurtunity to see the factory. It's pretty impressive and I was really taken by how much care and detail they put into each bicycle frame. It's craftsmanship at it's finest.

The entrance to the Serotta factory is filled with past and present bikes and frames. Posted by Picasa

Racing heritage dates back to the mid-80's when team 7-Eleven rode thier Huffy branded Serotta frames as the first american team in the Tour De France. Posted by Picasa

Serotta opened it's doors in 1972 building lugged steel frames. The detail on this 30th Anniversary edition shows a combination of lugging as well as fillet brazing. Posted by Picasa

The 30th Anniversary special edition. Posted by Picasa

Putting the final polish on a custom Nove frame. Serotta makes it a priority to carry their quality all the way through to the end. Every last paint imperfection is buffed out for a flawless finish. Posted by Picasa

One of Serotta's frame jigs. The cyclinders on top with the hoses pump inert gas inside the tube, a necessity when welding titanium. Posted by Picasa

Dropouts are CNC machined from solid blocks of 6/4 Titanium. Posted by Picasa

Raw Meivici headlug, waiting to be machined to the exact angle the frame requires. Posted by Picasa

Serotta's flagship, the Meivici, is full custom, full carbon frame. Posted by Picasa

The Ottrott ST Posted by Picasa

The Meivici's headlug Posted by Picasa

Sunday, January 15, 2006

School update

Welp, I made it through the first full day here at Serotta's elements fit school. I'm gettin' learned real good! But seriously, I assisted with my first fit already this afternoon. Seems like we've been here days already. I'll assist with one more fit, then I'll lead my own and also be the fitee for one. Lori wanted to be my first fit but I'll already have a few under my belt by the time a return.

Last night we had a nice welcome diner and got the oppurtunity to meet Ben Serotta. We go to the "barn" as it's called tomorrow to see the manufacturing facility. Hopefully all see some of our bikes in the process of being built.

Everythings great except for Scotts snoring, but luckily I've got ear plugs. That's all until next time.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Girls Rule

Hi all! Did anyone get a chance to get out and enjoy the wonderful weekend weather? I just wanted to say a quick thanks to everyone who showed up for our first ever Tuesday Ladies' Trainer Night last week. Eight of us were here pedaling away to a training video having a good ol' time. We had the best turn out all week; not too many guys or gals showed up for the other two nights, so way to go Tuesday nighters! I hope to see all of you tomorrow @ 7pm along with some new faces! I think we should start a challenge for everyone out there thinking about coming to a trainer night: let's compete to see which night gets the best turn out. Tuesday: Ladies' Night; Wednesday: MTB Night; Thursday: Road Night. See you on Tuesday!!
Sarah J.

Len's Project One Madone 5.2

Len's new ride is a custom P1 Trek Madone 5.2. The highlight of the bike is it's flawless custom paint. The aero tube 5.2 OCLV frame is adorned with P1's flame paint scheme using a brilliant red carbon center section with white front and rear (click the photo for a larger image). Len went with one of our custom bike fits and in the process opted for ergo handlebars and buzz kill harmonic handlebar dampers. Nice bike Len, we'll see ya on the road.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Quote of the week

"I relax by taking apart my bicycle and putting it back together again." ~Michelle Pfeiffer

Friday, January 06, 2006

Saturday A.M. Ladies' Ride!

Well hello there! Just a quick reminder that this Saturday morning we're going to meet here at the Trek Store around 9:45 and leave by 10 a.m. heading south (if the wind is cooperating) on the Keystone. We'll ride til we feel like turning around and then swing by Caribou Coffee on the way back. It's a fun, casual ride and the weather is supposed to be nice, so no excuses girls!!!

Also, come ride inside with the gals on Tuesdays; I'll be here at the Trek Store spinning away for our trainer nights from 7-8p.m. Tuesdays are specifically Ladies' Nights, but we won't kick you out if you're a guy (I guess). Bring $2, your bike, and a trainer (or you can rent a trainer from us for 3 bucks more) and chat with the girls as we ride off our winter laziness! I think this Saturday should be a special invite to those of you who have never ridden with us on a Ladies Ride. That's right, I'm calling you all out here; show your faces and ride!! It's fun, I promise. Or at least show up on Tuesday...and you know, the weather is no longer a valid excuse once we're indoors!! :)
Have a great weekend everyone!
Sarah J.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

We're ready!

Congratulations to all our 2005 Trek University graduates. Sarah, Charlie, Kristin, Lori, Chad R, Chad M and Jim. We're all ready to answer your questions on all things Trek, Fisher, Lemond & Bontrager. Did you know that Lance won all 7 of his Tour De Frances on the same production frames you can buy off our showroom floor? Or that Gary Fisher came up with Genesis geometry after flipping over the bars and breaking his wrist? All this knowledge and much less trivial information is all at your fingertips, just ask one of our staff.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

New Arrival: Trek Portland

I don't know if I'll be able to live without one of these. I posted some photos of this sweet ride on MTB Omaha when I was up at the Trek show. One magically appeared in the back of a UPS truck this morning which leads me to believe that this is Kent's new commuter. Avid road disc brakes, disc specific road wheels and one of the new Switchblade Satelite Plus carbon forks. There's some interesting rivnuts on the inside of the fork blades. Not quite sure what they are for yet but looks like you may be able to run a full wrap fender without brake caliper interference. The brake position on the back is fender and rack compatible. It comes with a pretty sweet pair of clip on fenders though. It's has the new 10spd 105 stuff on it as well. All built up with pedals, 22 1/4 pounds, not bad for a disc brake road bike super commuter. All this for only $1399. If this rides anything like my Lemond Poprad CX bike it will be perfect for zipping around mid-town or down the keystone.

New Arrival: Conti Indoor Tire

Finally, the much anticipated Continental Ultra Sport Hometrainer tires have arrived. These tires are made with a much more durable compound to hold up to the higher friction loads put on them be indoor trainers. They sell for $40 and the best part is you only need one.

Which reminds me, indoor trainer rides will start Tuesday, January 10th. Cost is $2 per night, free to active club members with your trainer night coupon. If you don't have a trainer you can rent one of our top of line Cyclops Fluid 2 trainers for just $3.

Our schedule here at the Trek Store will be a bit different from that of our friends over at Highgear. If you're looking for a hardcore workout, checkout the Highgear schedule. "...and now for something completely different." If comraderie is more your style, check out our indoor schedule.

Tuesday Ladies Night - As the name implies, Ladies only. Although we won't turn away any gents, although you may be required to wear a dress to participate. Stop in and check it out, meet some new friends, visit with some old ones, all while watching the groups choice of DVD.

Wednesday Off-Road Night - Trails are wet? Ride inside with us. Bring your mountain bike in with a slick rear tire or ride your road or cyclocross bike. Either way, we'll have fun watching the latest freeride mountain bike DVD's.

Thursday Road Night - Alright, tonights the night for all you hardcore road riders looking to get a jump on the season. We have a handful of CTS training videos so you can work on gaining that early season fitness.

If you have questions or comments post them on the link below and we'll try and answer them as quickly as possible.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Quote of the week

"The world lies right beyond the handlebars of any bicycle." ~Daniel Behrman, The Man Who Loved Bicycles