Sunday, January 15, 2006

School update

Welp, I made it through the first full day here at Serotta's elements fit school. I'm gettin' learned real good! But seriously, I assisted with my first fit already this afternoon. Seems like we've been here days already. I'll assist with one more fit, then I'll lead my own and also be the fitee for one. Lori wanted to be my first fit but I'll already have a few under my belt by the time a return.

Last night we had a nice welcome diner and got the oppurtunity to meet Ben Serotta. We go to the "barn" as it's called tomorrow to see the manufacturing facility. Hopefully all see some of our bikes in the process of being built.

Everythings great except for Scotts snoring, but luckily I've got ear plugs. That's all until next time.

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