Tuesday, January 03, 2006

New Arrival: Trek Portland

I don't know if I'll be able to live without one of these. I posted some photos of this sweet ride on MTB Omaha when I was up at the Trek show. One magically appeared in the back of a UPS truck this morning which leads me to believe that this is Kent's new commuter. Avid road disc brakes, disc specific road wheels and one of the new Switchblade Satelite Plus carbon forks. There's some interesting rivnuts on the inside of the fork blades. Not quite sure what they are for yet but looks like you may be able to run a full wrap fender without brake caliper interference. The brake position on the back is fender and rack compatible. It comes with a pretty sweet pair of clip on fenders though. It's has the new 10spd 105 stuff on it as well. All built up with pedals, 22 1/4 pounds, not bad for a disc brake road bike super commuter. All this for only $1399. If this rides anything like my Lemond Poprad CX bike it will be perfect for zipping around mid-town or down the keystone.

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Sarah J said...

Lots of people in drooling over this one.