Friday, January 13, 2006

Len's Project One Madone 5.2

Len's new ride is a custom P1 Trek Madone 5.2. The highlight of the bike is it's flawless custom paint. The aero tube 5.2 OCLV frame is adorned with P1's flame paint scheme using a brilliant red carbon center section with white front and rear (click the photo for a larger image). Len went with one of our custom bike fits and in the process opted for ergo handlebars and buzz kill harmonic handlebar dampers. Nice bike Len, we'll see ya on the road.


RF said...

Good looking bike... but MOD, why would you let someone go custom with all that bling factor and then bolt up ultegra? And a triple no less?

Seriously, nice bike.

Jim said...

RF ultegra is a very nice group. And whats great about a Project 1 is you can customize it to where you ride. Len did a great job picking out what he needed for his bike. RF why do you ride what you do? Cause it's what you want!
So when I do my project 1 bike are you going to be ok with 9 speed DA and a compact?

Sarah J said...

Let him know Jim!!

MOD said...

First off RF, do you even know Len? Nice negativity!

P1 is everything from a full custom program, to a semi custom program. Len picked out a stock bike with the features he wanted, laid sweet ass custom paint on it and had a pro fit done. All that equals a great bike at a great price and a perfect fit.

Okay, you can pull your foot out of your mouth now.

RF said...

As I ended my first comment, I said

"seriously, nice bike."

This was meant to imply that my former comments about ultegra, triple, etc, were mere "nagging" for the humor of it all. What can I say, Shim is rubbing off on me.

To clarify, allow me to repeat, in utmost seriousness:

"SERIOUSLY, sweet bacon bike!!!!"

bigwheelrider said...

--I am sure Len can lay the hammer down and curb any DA e-quipt bike...the P1 paint is kind of like an exclamation at the end of a sentence.--