Wednesday, January 04, 2006

We're ready!

Congratulations to all our 2005 Trek University graduates. Sarah, Charlie, Kristin, Lori, Chad R, Chad M and Jim. We're all ready to answer your questions on all things Trek, Fisher, Lemond & Bontrager. Did you know that Lance won all 7 of his Tour De Frances on the same production frames you can buy off our showroom floor? Or that Gary Fisher came up with Genesis geometry after flipping over the bars and breaking his wrist? All this knowledge and much less trivial information is all at your fingertips, just ask one of our staff.


RF said...

No, the Madone Lance won on is different. His bike said "Armstrong" on the side. and he drills out the bottom of his bb shell for weight savings.

MOD said...

If you buy a Madone I'll custom drill the BB for you and bust out our label maker and put "Armstrong" on it. How's that for service RF?

RF said...

Best be sure thats a carbon tape label machine you'r using. I don't want any heavy plastic stickers.