Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring essentials

Springtime in the Midwest is wildly inconsistent, but every so often you catch a perfect day. It's 60-plus degrees when you start and it only gets better from there.

But since those days are sometimes few and far between, you'll need to stock up on a couple of spring clothing essentials.

First stop: Arm warmers

Any time you feel like you need something covering your arms, but don't necessarily want to go with a long-sleeved jersey or jacket, arm warmers are the way to go. They're quick to put on or take off, stow easily in a jersey pocket and can provide warmth down to the mid-30s.

If your ride is going to start in 40- or 50-degree weather, having a pair of arm warmers will make sure the first miles aren't pedaled with chattering teeth.

Second stop: Knee warmers

Consider knee warmers the cousin to arm warmers. If it's chilly enough for arm covering, it's probably chilly enough to cover your knees, too. When it's below 60 (for the duration of the ride), it's a good idea to keep your knees warm. After all, without happy knees, riding isn't a lot of fun.

Third stop: Lightweight vest

When riding the streets and trails of Omaha, we're surprised we don't see more people in vests. They're the perfect cool-weather layer. Just wind-resistant enough to keep your core warm, but light enough to stuff in a jersey pocket or seat bag. When you arrive at a water or fuel stop, throw the vest on to keep warm. And when you get going again, peel it off and put it back in your jersey pocket.

Though each rider has their own essentials, we feel these three are the keys to enjoying that wild spring weather. Cool to start, warmer in the middle, and -- maybe -- cool again at the end.

They're all packable, versatile and available now at the Trek Store. Stop in and check them out!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ready to RIDE?

Though Mother Nature has been sending mixed signals the past few days, spring is upon us.

Soon, those 60- and 70-degree days of just a week ago will be commonplace. We at the Trek Store of Omaha can make sure you and your bike are ready to hit the streets, trails and paths.

Whether it's a quick tune-up for your bike, a new jersey or pair of shorts, or even an entirely new ride, we have everything you need to get the season started right.

Plus, Thursday through Monday (March 26-30) our annual Super Sale is back. Everything in the store is 10 percent off, and some items will be up to 70 percent off.

Sale items include: Saris Bones bike racks (both models $20 off), select Bontrager InForm RXL saddles ($30 off), Bontrager Hard Case tires ($10 off), Trek Interval helmets ($15) off -- and many more!

Plus, don't miss the Trek 7.1 FX -- on sale for $349.99 (regularly $459.99)!

Stop in today and get ready for spring. Sooner or later, Mother Nature will bring out the sunshine. Don't be left behind!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Custom Bikes

What is a custom bike? You often hear people talk about them. In the past a custom bike referred to ordering a bike from a small frame builder who would hand build your bike to your exacting specifications. This was needed because most high-end bikes were designed with the racer in mind. However with today's advancement in frame design and geometry, only the most finicky body types require a true custom frame.

Enter TREK's Project One program. P1 as it is known, allows the rider to choose a bike with their unique style of colors and components without the extra cost of a truely custom bike. Think of it as a semi-custom program. The combination of P1 with our tried and true professional bike fitting services and you're bound to find your perfect ride!

The unique part of Project One is you can do it from home. Surf the Project One website and design your dream bike. When you're finished, you can submit your design to the Trek Bicycle Store of Omaha. We will then schedule a time when you can come in and we'll help you fill in the fine details assuring that the bike comes with the proper width handlebar, handlebar stem reach and angle, crank length and proper seatpost setback. In less than 30 days your bike will arrive, perfectly set up for you!

To learn more about the Project One program or to schedule a TREK Madone bike fitting, please give us a call at (402)884-1820 or e-mail us.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Deal of the Month: Wool Jerseys


Stay warm after your ride or at the coffee shop with a merino wool full zip trainer from Bontrager, TREK and Fisher

$80 reg. $200