Monday, March 09, 2009

Custom Bikes

What is a custom bike? You often hear people talk about them. In the past a custom bike referred to ordering a bike from a small frame builder who would hand build your bike to your exacting specifications. This was needed because most high-end bikes were designed with the racer in mind. However with today's advancement in frame design and geometry, only the most finicky body types require a true custom frame.

Enter TREK's Project One program. P1 as it is known, allows the rider to choose a bike with their unique style of colors and components without the extra cost of a truely custom bike. Think of it as a semi-custom program. The combination of P1 with our tried and true professional bike fitting services and you're bound to find your perfect ride!

The unique part of Project One is you can do it from home. Surf the Project One website and design your dream bike. When you're finished, you can submit your design to the Trek Bicycle Store of Omaha. We will then schedule a time when you can come in and we'll help you fill in the fine details assuring that the bike comes with the proper width handlebar, handlebar stem reach and angle, crank length and proper seatpost setback. In less than 30 days your bike will arrive, perfectly set up for you!

To learn more about the Project One program or to schedule a TREK Madone bike fitting, please give us a call at (402)884-1820 or e-mail us.

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