Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Thank You!

Last friday we had our first annual Customer Appreciation night in conjunction with our sister store Highgear. The night was tons of fun and everyone that attended got some great deals on Pearl Izumi, GU, Serfas eyewear, Project One, Yeti and Serrota. Thanks to everyone for your continued support, as we continue " support a community in motion."

One highlight of the evening was Shimano Rep Dan showcasing Shimano's new vacuum formed road and mountain bike shoes. If you have foot problems or have trouble finding a cycling shoe that fits just right, these are the shoes for you. I know I'm saving my pennies for a pair. The shoes are heated in an oven to 200 degrees which allows the specially made upper and insole to vacuum form to your heel, footbed and outter side of the upper. The shoes also have the ability to be remolded should your foot ever change. Very cool, or hot, depending how you look at it!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

January Winter Ride Challenge Week 5

That was cold week and it's getting colder. So here's the deal. 2 days left in this here challenge, you can count 3, count'em, 3 more rides. I need everyones Week 5 numbers no later than Thursday night.

Now for the awards ceremony / party. Come to the shop Friday night around 7pm. Bring a six pack beverage of your choice. Come to the back door because the registers will be turned off. We'll do the awards, hangout, and watch mountain bike dvd's, we've got the latest New World Disorder and Kranked DVD's as well as a cool new one called Stripped. All are welcome. We'll just be having fun and talking about bikes.

I wanna know how the heck John got 593 points! That's crazy!

After week 4
*MOD 1607 points
Ray Anderson 1467 points
John Varga 1327 points
Shim 1325 points
*Skinny D 1217 points
RIP Kintner 1086 points
Matt Beck 939 points
Brian Redemske 919 points
Jackie Wethor 705 points
Randy Crist 688 points
Ryan Anzalone 591 points
Sam Rosenhaus 537 points
Butchie 465 points
Fred Hinsley 450 points
King Hawes 410 points
Jim Craig 387 points
Cornbread 326 points
Lori Doll 178 points
*Matt Tillinghast 136 points

Weekly Top 5
John Varga with 593 points
*Skinny D with 448 points
Shim with 435
Ray Anderson with 426 points
*MOD with 362 points

Monday, January 29, 2007

Winter Ride Challenge

Sorry folks, didn't get a chance to post it up today. Tomorrow morning, I promise.

And you can count all 3 days this as we round out the month and finish up the challenge.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Hit the Road...

...with TREK! We've got great deals on Trek performance geometry road bikes. Take advantage of big savings on everything from the entry level 1500 to the Tour de France winning Madone 5.9. Starting at $950, this is a great time to get that new road bike you've been waiting for. Come in and see for yourself, we'd love to set you up on a test ride.

Winter is the perfect time to take advantage of our professional bike fitting services. Our staff is professionally trained at using the Serotta fit system. We're so sure you'll be happy with the end result we gaurantee it! To schedule a professional bike fitting contact kent or mark and make an appointment. It's gauranteed more smiles per hour!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Winter Ride Challenge Week 3

...and the snows came. Wow! 3 out of 4 weekends it's snowed now. I think a lot of folks are riding indoors. Not Ray though, he threw down with a week high of 451 points. Everyone else better start getting in some serious hours if you want to catch him. Still missing some results but here's the weeks prelims.

After week 3
*MOD 1245 points
Ray Anderson 1041 points
Shim 890 points
RIP Kintner 831 points
*Skinny D 769 points
Brian Redemske 719 points
Ryan Anzalone 556 points
Sam Rosenhaus 537 points
Randy Crist 522 points
Jackie Wethor 494 points
Butchie 465 points
John Varga 459 points
Fred Hinsley 450 points
King Hawes 410 points
Jim Craig 387 points
Matt Beck 361 points
Cornbread 326 points
Lori Doll 178 points
*Matt Tillinghast 136 points

Weekly Top 5
Ray Anderson with 451 points
*MOD with 422 points
RIP Kintner 287 points
Jim Craig 285 points
Ryan Anzalone 267 points

Monday, January 15, 2007

Drivetrain Maintenance Clinic

This Saturday the Trek Store is hosting a free drivetrain maintenance clinic. The clinic will start at 10:00 AM and will cover basic adjustments of derailleurs. It will also cover overhauling and cleaning of your drivetrain (i.e. chain, cassette, derailleurs, and cranks). Please reserve your spot by emailing Feel free to bring your bike to ask questions specific to your bike, but we will not be overhauling each bike. :-) Feel free to email any questions!

January Winter Ride Challenge: Week 2

Snow, snow, snow, finally some white stuff. Easy points are to be had right now. Some folks really stepped it up this week, some took a bit of a breather. The roadies better find a mountain bike, cause the mountain bikers are going to be making a big come back this upcoming week.

2 Week totals
*MOD 823 points
Shim 630 points
Ray Anderson 590 points
*Skinny D 587 points
Brian Redemske 564 points
Rip Kintner 544 points
Butchie 465 points
John Varga 459 points
King Hawes 410 points
Fred Hinsley 370 points
Randy Crist 369 points
Matt Beck 361 points
Cornbread 326 points
Sam Rosenhaus 300 points
Ryan Anzalone 289 points
Jackie Wethor 272 points
*Matt Tillinghast 136 points
Jim Craig 102 points

This weeks TOP 5
*MOD w/477 points
Butchie w/384 points
Ray Anderson w/315 points
*Skinny D w/297 points
Fred Hinsley & Shim w/280 points

*Bragging rights only, bike shop lifers not eligible for prizes

Friday, January 12, 2007

Customer Appreciation Night 2007 / Mountain Bike Suspension Clinic

TREK Omaha wants to say thanks to our customers. Join us Friday evening, January 26th, at Highgear for store-wide discounts and introductory specials. We hope to see you there!

Then swing by the shop Saturday morning, January 27th at 10:15 AM and join us for a mountain bike suspension clinic. Ken Derrico of Trek's Ride the Best Demo Tour will be on hand to present the features and benefits of Trek and Gary Fishers new suspension designs and compare them with other popular designs. Come see Trek Top Fuel, Fuel EX and Remedy models, Gary Fisher Race Day's, HiFi's and Fat Possum's. Find out which model is perfect for you! Do you have questions about how to set up your suspension? Mark Savery, suspension designer and tuner, will be available to answer questions about mountain bike set up and suspension tuning. We hope to see you there!

Monday, January 08, 2007

January Winter Ride Challenge: Week 1

The week started of with a bang, 3 inches of white stuff here, 9 inches in Lincoln. I haven't heard from the Lincoln riders yet but this is how it sits right now.

1st Shim w/350 points
2nd MOD w/346 points ( Yeah, I can't win, but I can still go for bragging rights!)
3rd Brian Redemske w/337 points
4th Skinny D w/290 points
5th RIP Kintner w/288 points
6th Ray Anderson w/275 points
7th Randy Crist w/267 points
8th King Hawes w/230 points
9th Cornbread w/200 points
10th Matt Beck w/168 points
11th Sam Rosenhaus w/167 points
12th Jackie Wethor w/102 points
13th Fred Hinsley w/90 points
14th Ryan Anzalone w/45 points

Friday, January 05, 2007

Another Dream Come True

Check out Jim's new Project One Trek Pilot 5.9SL. This has got to be one of the coolest Project One bikes yet. The paint scheme is amazingly understated. Dressed in Obsidian Blue and Blue Carbon, you only see the graphics in sunlight or under the flash of a camera (see photos below). Jim went big with full Dura-Ace components, Aeolus 6.5 wheels, carbon bar, stem and seatpost. He then topped it off with Look Keo carbon ti pedals, Shimano Flight Deck Computer and paint to match Bontrager carbon fiber bottle cages. If you're doing the Arizona Ironman, keep an eye out for Jim on the bike leg!

If you're looking for that bike that nobody else has, come talk to us about a Project One Trek or custom Serotta. Your perfect dream bike is only weeks away!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

We're Omaha's Mountain Bike Headquarters...

...and we've got today's hottest bikes in stock. YETI, our newest line, is hot off the truck. That's right, we've got'em in stock! The Yeti 575 (pictured below) is in and ready to roll. Yeti has one of the deepest rooted heritages of all off-road companies. You can't miss Team Yeti Turqouise. The 575 is available in four colors and 6 different build kits to suit your needs and budget. With 5.75" of travel it can soak up even the roughest terrain. Give us a call for all the details or stop in for a demo. Our expert staff can set up the suspension perfectly for your riding style.
We have Omaha's biggest selection of 29 inch wheel mountain bikes and components as well. Swing by and test out a Gary Fisher Supercaliber or Paragon and see why more people are switching to big wheels. Or check out the much talked about Fisher Ferrous. Powder blue and made of steel, it's a dream come true on the singletrack. For those of you that like to suffer, try out the Gary Fisher Rig. Free your mind, one speed is all you need!