Monday, January 15, 2007

January Winter Ride Challenge: Week 2

Snow, snow, snow, finally some white stuff. Easy points are to be had right now. Some folks really stepped it up this week, some took a bit of a breather. The roadies better find a mountain bike, cause the mountain bikers are going to be making a big come back this upcoming week.

2 Week totals
*MOD 823 points
Shim 630 points
Ray Anderson 590 points
*Skinny D 587 points
Brian Redemske 564 points
Rip Kintner 544 points
Butchie 465 points
John Varga 459 points
King Hawes 410 points
Fred Hinsley 370 points
Randy Crist 369 points
Matt Beck 361 points
Cornbread 326 points
Sam Rosenhaus 300 points
Ryan Anzalone 289 points
Jackie Wethor 272 points
*Matt Tillinghast 136 points
Jim Craig 102 points

This weeks TOP 5
*MOD w/477 points
Butchie w/384 points
Ray Anderson w/315 points
*Skinny D w/297 points
Fred Hinsley & Shim w/280 points

*Bragging rights only, bike shop lifers not eligible for prizes

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