Tuesday, January 30, 2007

January Winter Ride Challenge Week 5

That was cold week and it's getting colder. So here's the deal. 2 days left in this here challenge, you can count 3, count'em, 3 more rides. I need everyones Week 5 numbers no later than Thursday night.

Now for the awards ceremony / party. Come to the shop Friday night around 7pm. Bring a six pack beverage of your choice. Come to the back door because the registers will be turned off. We'll do the awards, hangout, and watch mountain bike dvd's, we've got the latest New World Disorder and Kranked DVD's as well as a cool new one called Stripped. All are welcome. We'll just be having fun and talking about bikes.

I wanna know how the heck John got 593 points! That's crazy!

After week 4
*MOD 1607 points
Ray Anderson 1467 points
John Varga 1327 points
Shim 1325 points
*Skinny D 1217 points
RIP Kintner 1086 points
Matt Beck 939 points
Brian Redemske 919 points
Jackie Wethor 705 points
Randy Crist 688 points
Ryan Anzalone 591 points
Sam Rosenhaus 537 points
Butchie 465 points
Fred Hinsley 450 points
King Hawes 410 points
Jim Craig 387 points
Cornbread 326 points
Lori Doll 178 points
*Matt Tillinghast 136 points

Weekly Top 5
John Varga with 593 points
*Skinny D with 448 points
Shim with 435
Ray Anderson with 426 points
*MOD with 362 points


29erfan said...

Great job guys! Varga is a very dedicated rider and I can vouch for his points if needed. On a side note I saw Skinny D riding the Peugeot on my way in this afternoon near 78th and Dodge........TOUGH!


Just imagine JV's totals if he had started the challenge when the rest of the contestants did...*insert maniacal laughter here*

Shim said...

I guess I should have counted the wind chill points, my loss, good job boys.