Monday, January 29, 2007

Winter Ride Challenge

Sorry folks, didn't get a chance to post it up today. Tomorrow morning, I promise.

And you can count all 3 days this as we round out the month and finish up the challenge.


brjohn said...

I rode 3hrs Wed., 4 hrs Fri., and 2 1/2 hrs. Sat. on the Keystone/Papio Trails (check out the Bike Rack's blog for photos of me and my bike on the Sat. ride). I rode to work on Thur. and did a "loop" before. I also rode home from work on Thur. and Sat. and ran 1 hour on Tues., pts (100+) I can't submit. Where do others ride?

Skinny D said...

I commute and run errands.

MOD said...

Dang! I got in two pre work rides of 2.25 hrs and 1 hour of XC skiing. Bad week for me. better get on it.

Nice work John, but do you do anything else than ride:)

shifty77 said...

Thanks, Mark. I make my own beer and pizza. I'll bring home brews Fri. night. JV