Monday, January 22, 2007

Winter Ride Challenge Week 3

...and the snows came. Wow! 3 out of 4 weekends it's snowed now. I think a lot of folks are riding indoors. Not Ray though, he threw down with a week high of 451 points. Everyone else better start getting in some serious hours if you want to catch him. Still missing some results but here's the weeks prelims.

After week 3
*MOD 1245 points
Ray Anderson 1041 points
Shim 890 points
RIP Kintner 831 points
*Skinny D 769 points
Brian Redemske 719 points
Ryan Anzalone 556 points
Sam Rosenhaus 537 points
Randy Crist 522 points
Jackie Wethor 494 points
Butchie 465 points
John Varga 459 points
Fred Hinsley 450 points
King Hawes 410 points
Jim Craig 387 points
Matt Beck 361 points
Cornbread 326 points
Lori Doll 178 points
*Matt Tillinghast 136 points

Weekly Top 5
Ray Anderson with 451 points
*MOD with 422 points
RIP Kintner 287 points
Jim Craig 285 points
Ryan Anzalone 267 points

1 comment:

Shim said...

Mod, week ending 1/28 I have 435.