Friday, January 06, 2006

Saturday A.M. Ladies' Ride!

Well hello there! Just a quick reminder that this Saturday morning we're going to meet here at the Trek Store around 9:45 and leave by 10 a.m. heading south (if the wind is cooperating) on the Keystone. We'll ride til we feel like turning around and then swing by Caribou Coffee on the way back. It's a fun, casual ride and the weather is supposed to be nice, so no excuses girls!!!

Also, come ride inside with the gals on Tuesdays; I'll be here at the Trek Store spinning away for our trainer nights from 7-8p.m. Tuesdays are specifically Ladies' Nights, but we won't kick you out if you're a guy (I guess). Bring $2, your bike, and a trainer (or you can rent a trainer from us for 3 bucks more) and chat with the girls as we ride off our winter laziness! I think this Saturday should be a special invite to those of you who have never ridden with us on a Ladies Ride. That's right, I'm calling you all out here; show your faces and ride!! It's fun, I promise. Or at least show up on Tuesday...and you know, the weather is no longer a valid excuse once we're indoors!! :)
Have a great weekend everyone!
Sarah J.


RF said...

I rode all down the keystone and never found the ladies ride.

Sarah J said...

We must have been too fast for you then!! 5 of us were out there pedaling away. You can always find us at Caribou around 11:30 if nothing else. Thanks to those who rode!

RF said...

I'll definitely try harder next week. I especially like the fast ladies!