Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Saturday morning showers

Hey ladies,
It's been beautiful out all week so I hope you've had a chance to get out and enjoy the sunshine. This weekend, as luck would have it, is scheduled to have a few showers. We may luck out at 10 am or we may not. I'm not opposed to riding in the rain, so if anyone is still interested please post a comment here on the blog. If no one is interested in riding but would still like to meet for coffee, we could meet at caribou or any other coffee shop located in midtown. Let us know! Thanks and enjoy the rest of your week.



Kathy Bro said...

Cool! Sorry I won't be able to join you this Saturday, but I have gotten out lots this week (on vacation)I love my bike! I'll check back often - great idea on the blog! Kathy

MOD said...

Oh that darn rain! Which one of you ladies made mother nature mad? We've had, what is it now, 4 bad Saturday mornings in a row?

Well, hopefully next weekend will be better!