Wednesday, May 24, 2006

It's Wednesday, You Know What That Means...

The group ride is on for tonight. Meet at the shop at 6 for the usuall.

I haven't posted anything for while, sorry! So let's see, what's new? I finally made the switch to no gears and big wheels. Yep, I'm 29 and single again. Well, actually I'm 30 something and almost married, but that's another conversation. Gotta say I really like not having gears. It makes you look at the trail completely different. And the big wheels, although slightly harder to handle in tight tight corners they roll over bumps really well. I think I'm converted!

Sam is, how should a put this, THE MAN. It's ride your bike to work month and he did just that. 62 mile commute one way from Lincoln yesterday. Stayed in town last night and rode home today. Oh, did I mention it was on a fixed gear singlespeed too! Maybe we can talk Lori into riding BRAN with one gear!

Not much new gear to talk about of late. Just the same good ole stuff as always.

If you wanna ride your mountain bike for 12 hours this weekend, head on down to Branched Oak Lake outside Lincoln and ride away. Sam, myself and a handful of other Trek/Highgear staff will be hangin' out.

So come on out or stop in, we'll talk about bikes, it'll be fun...

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