Sunday, December 10, 2006

Light Up the Night

For just $159.99 you can find your way home with this new Nightrider Newt. At 227 grams it is one of the lightest lights on the market. It will run for 3 hours on high and 6 hours on low and produces a clean whiter light.

Just like Charlie, even though its small, it packs a lot of punch.


bigwheelrider said...
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bigwheelrider said...

Is that the sale price?

MIB said...

$159 is MSRP. We do have these lights on sale throughout the year at prices competitive to Price point. Stop in and we will make every effort to exceed your expectations.

One thing I ask, is please don't forget that a portion of every dollar you spend in our store goes back to support our local community in motion through event promotion/support, local advocacy fundraising, trail building, as well as involement in changing policy to make sure we can continue to make Omaha a more bikeable community. That is something that price point or other internet mail order companies will never do.

We appreciate your patronage!



bigwheelrider said...

And that is exactly why I don't shop at Price Point! You guys rock!!! Keep the way clear and let the big wheels roll!