Thursday, February 01, 2007

And the Winner Is...

Well, the January winter ride challenge has come to an end. It got pretty tight there in the last week and a half. Seeing how Skinny D and I don't count since we work here at the shop, iceman Ray Anderson takes the 1st place prize of some Pearl Izumi amfib gloves! Probably could have used those this month uh? John Varga pulled out second place after his massive throw down week of 593 points. John takes home a pair of Pearl Izumi amfib booties. Skinny D is out so that moves Shim into 3rd, enjoy you're new Nike winter cycling cap.

So tomorrow night are the awards, maybe I'll throw in some extra door prizes for those that show. 7:00pm, here at the shop, front doors will be locked so walk around back, the door says "Trek Store". Bring your six pack beverage of choice, I'll have some snacks and we'll watch dvd's of guys riding big bikes off cliffs.

Final Standings!!!
*MOD 1724 points
1st Ray Anderson 1619 points (Pearl Izumi Amfib Gloves)
2nd John Varga 1491 points (Pearl Izumi Amfib Booties)
*Skinny D 1463 points
3rd Shim 1325 points (Nike Winter Cycling Cap)
RIP Kintner 1086 points
Matt Beck 1027 points
Brian Redemske 919 points
Sam Rosenhaus 805 points
Jackie Wethor 758 points
Randy Crist 688 points
Ryan Anzalone 591 points
Butchie 465 points
Fred Hinsley 450 points
King Hawes 410 points
Jim Craig 387 points
Lori Doll 339 points
Cornbread 326 points
*Matt Tillinghast 136 points



Way to go must be a machine, the rest of us are mere mortals compared to you!

shifty77 said...

Thanks, bigwheelrider!
And a big thanks for MOD for doing all the ciphering. Great idea, Mark!