Monday, April 16, 2007

Best of Both Worlds

Come check out the newest addition to the shop. The Trek 69er singlespeed just rolled through the door and let me tell you, it was quick to impress. Upon first glance you may say "Hey! That front wheel is bigger than the rear wheel!" Then we'd say "Hey! You're right!" The 69er pairs the high momentum rollover ability of a 29er front wheel with the aggressive acceleration power of a 26 inch rear. We were amazed at this bike's get-up-and-go, not to mention its handling at high speeds. Trek went one step further by adding a fully adjustable Maverick custom double crown fork, which is sure to catch the eye and hearts of XC and DH riders alike. Add to it a sweet Race X Lite wheel set and matching brown Race Lite saddle and you've got yourself one mean off-road machine. So next time you're in the area swing on in and see this cool new addition to the shop, and one of the few 69er's to be released on the market so far.


naugabike said...

Will there be a geared 69er -- that's what I am looking for!


Nauga, ask BLUEIF...he is the one I heard it from first...long before the release!

MOD said...

Here is the latest on Trek's 69'r projects. For 2008 there will be a geared Top Fuel version and Travis Brown is currently testing a Fuel EX model. It remains up in the air if the EX will make it in time for 2008.

One of the guys at our KC store took the 69'r out for a singletrack spin and really liked it. Fast acceleration, snappy cornering and good obstacle rollover.