Thursday, June 14, 2007

Trek Quality At The “Entry-Level”

At Trek Omaha we believe that we have a bike for every type of rider. From the pro athlete to the causal rider, there is a quality bike in our shop for you. Some are under the misconception that quality will cost nearly 3 month’s pay, and instead turn to places like Target and Wal-Mart looking for the lowest price. In some cases a bikes from these stores will only be $50 less, yet lack the durability, ride quality, and service agreement found on all of the bikes here at the shop.

Below are some examples of the "Entry-Level” bikes from each style of riding.

Trek 820
retail $259.99

Comfort Hybrid
Trek 7100
retail $329.99

Performance Hybrid
Trek 7.2 FX
retail $429.99

Comfort Road
Trek Pilot 1.0
retail $769.99

Performance Road
Trek 1000
retail $709.99

Come by the shop to check out these bikes and more by Trek and Gary Fisher, and make sure to ask about our Trek Card Financing options for all bikes and accessories.

note: model colors are subject to change


Rick said...

If you're looking to start cycling and want a safe and reliable bike, please go to a dedicated bike shop. I work with several shops and TREK store has enthusiastic, non-intimidating employees who can help you get started.

Those of us who scoff at discount-store bikes aren't being snobs -- we've seen how they're put together and the flimsy components they have. Bike shop bikes have much more reliable machinery and are assembled by people who know what they're doing and love doing it.

I've seen too many people who might have enjoyed cycling give it up after a few tries because they bought something with 3-D decals assembled by an uninformed non-cyclist at Wally World, and the bike is heavy, hard to ride, uncomfortable and doesn't work well.

MOD said...

Rick, thanks for the kind words. We wish more folks had your image of the big box stores! It's because of wonderful customers like yourself that keep independent bike shops in business so we can provide industry leading customer service.

LaRhonda said...

Rick, You are so right. I've bought my teenage son a bike twice from Wal-Mart and they both broke down in less than a year. I will never buy him a bike from a discount store again and next time around plan on spending my hard earned money at a authentic "bike" shop.