Friday, January 25, 2008

New Arrival: Gary Fisher SuperFly

You've seen it in the magazines now you can swing in and check it out in person. Hot off the truck and race ready is the new Gary Fisher Superfly 29er.

Fisher's goal was a no comprise design that takes away all the obstacles anyone could have with moving up in wheel size. Not only is the new SuperFly frame the lightest 29er Fisher makes, it's the lightest frame Fisher makes period.
Match this with Fisher's ground breaking G2 geometry and you've got a bike that has everyone else chasing to catch up. At 23 lbs. without pedals the SuperFly is as comfortable on the race course as it is on your favorite trail. We had the opportunity to ride the SuperFly this fall and were impressed, we think you'll be too.

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Mark said...

As quickly as it arrived it's gone. If you missed it, never fear, we'll be getting another!