Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New arrivals

Tony the UPS guy dropped a few things off the other day. Of course, he does that every day, but not like this. Below you'll find a pair of 2010 Madone 5.2s. Pictures don't do either of them justice.

This beauty is a size 54 in matte white. It has a full Ultegra 6700 group, which was redesigned to take advantage of the new Dura-Ace technology. It includes Bontrager Race Lite wheels and is listed at $3,699.99.

This one is a 56 and also includes Race Lite wheels. It has an upgraded build kit called Dura-Ace Lite. The crank and derailleurs are Dura-Ace, but the shifters and brakes are Ultegra. Mechanically, the whole system is identical to a full Dura-Ace setup. But by subbing the shifters and brakes, costs are kept down a bit. The tag on this one says $4,299.99.

Keep an eye out for two more 2010 Madones. We have a 52cm WSD model in the works, along with a super pro-looking Madone 6.5.

Come check them out today at the nation's No. 1 Trek Project One dealer!

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