Friday, January 22, 2010

Feel the squeeze

Much like power meters took the competitive cycling world by storm a few years ago, compression clothing is the next big thing.

Through targeted and precise pressure, compression garments help boost muscle power, lessen muscle fatigue and shorten recovery time. The key is using compression to enhance blood flow to and from muscles. Oxygen is more efficiently delivered and lactic acid is more quickly removed.

We're happy to have in stock several items from Skins, a leading manufacturer of compression garments (Team HTC-Columbia uses Skins, by the way).

Compression garments are perfect for:

-- Racers, both mountain and road. A two-race weekend will feel a lot better when your legs can bounce back quickly from a hard effort on day one.
-- Triathletes. What better way to recover from strenuous brick workouts than using compression to remove lactic acid?
-- Anybody who wants to ride stronger and recover faster.

Click this link for more information, or stop in and check out the Skins product line. We have long tights and sleeveless shirts for men, capri tights for women and unisex sox.

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