Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Just pretend it's cold outside

Think back to the images of cycling's past — the grandest photos all feature stunning backdrops and riders struggling against the challenge of the day. Those cycling ghosts all had something in common: wool.

Wool jerseys, wool shorts. And while wool shorts, thankfully, are long gone, wool jerseys have remained a staple of cool-weather riding. Sure, there are now better materials for the job, but nothing has that same panache.

We're proud to offer a limited run of wool Trek Bicycle Store jerseys, produced by Earth, Wind and Rider. We'll take preorders for the next two weeks, with a scheduled early October delivery. Click here for a description of the jersey being used.

Cost: $119.95. Jerseys are available from sizes S to XXL. Jerseys must be reserved by July 11.

Questions? Call Bryan at 884-1820.

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fredcube said...

I could have used it this morning ...