Thursday, September 23, 2010

Winter is coming (it's true)

Yup, it's going to get cold. It's inescapable. And you're going to have to bundle up, right? You might as well look good doing it.

We have wool jerseys for men and women. Both are 50-50 wool-and-acrylic blends. They're fully washable, soft and comfortable. Oh, and fully awesome, too.

Wool-blend caps, too? Absolutely -- and in three colors, too!

These may seem like unassuming tights and bibshorts, but trust us -- there's way more to it than that. The top piece is a full-length thermal bib tight that includes Castelli's top-end Progretto X2 pad (it's the same one Cervelo Test Team had in its bibshorts). The bottom piece is a thermal bibshort. You know those days where it's too warm for tights but too chilly for standard shorts? Wear these. You'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner.

We're getting a bit ahead of ourselves with the fleece and wool bits, aren't we? You're probably right. Check out the long-sleeved Prologo jersey. It's the same material and cut as the summer version, just with long sleeves. Perfect for those 50-degree mornings.

All of this stuff (and more, like wool socks, gloves, vests and jackets) is in stock right this second. Come check it out before you find yourself shivering through your morning ride.

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