Thursday, October 21, 2010

What's new?

Raise your hand if you actually like energy bars -- as in, you like the way they taste? We're not big fans, either, but they're a means to an end. You need energy, they have it.

But there's a new energy source in the store: the Stinger Waffle by Honey Stinger. Inspired by the syrup-layered version found in Europe, the Stinger Waffle has two thin layers of waffle-cone like crunch around a thin layer of honey. It tastes every bit as awesome as it sounds.

We also have new Castelli women's thermal jerseys. They're perfect for these chilly mornings, and comfy enough to wear all day.

We have thermal jerseys for the dirt, too. Jett tweaked its summer lineup with a fleecy upgrade for the cold-weather months. The knickers to the right are designed to go under a Jett baggy short. From mid-thigh down, it's all fleece. There's a pad included, too. Nice!

Here's probably one of the best wind jackets we've seen. It's from Castelli, it's almost entirely made of Wind Stopper material and it has some sweet features like front and back vents, a flip-up, fleecy collar and Velcro on the sleeve cuffs for a nice, tight fit. Want to keep the wind off? This is the jacket.

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