Saturday, June 25, 2011

Meet Neko

Pavement or dirt? Path or street? Why choose only one? This is the new Trek Neko SL — a women's specific bike that can handle (almost) anything that gets in its way.

Think of it as half mountain bike, half hybrid. The 700c (road diameter) wheels will keep you moving on pavement, but the front fork (which can lock), hydraulic disc brakes and wider tires (with knobby edges) let you tackle non-paved surfaces, too.

Here's the perfect use: Keystone Trail and Wabash Trace. Lock the fork on the Keystone and unlock it on the Wabash, where the surface is a little bit rougher. Either way, Neko can handle it.

There are three Neko models to choose from — we have the 2012 Neko S and the Neko SL in stock right now.

Like everything else in the store, they're covered by our 30-day price-match guarantee. We'll match a lower in-town price at the time of the sale, but also up to 30 days afterward, too. Shop with confidence!

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