Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Saturday Ladies Ride

Temps are gettin' wamer and the rides gettin' bigger. We had a good group of ladies meet at the shop Saturday morning. Thanks Lori and Charlie for leading the way.

Our ladies ride meets at the shop every Saturday at 10am. All are welcome and the format is no rider left behind. Join Charlie and Lori for a ride on the Keystone trail followed by Coffee, Tea and Conversation at Caribou Coffee.


sharon said...

I have never got to go on the ride and hope to tomorrow unless of course it is cold and raining!! That is why I've never gotten to go!!!! Where are we riding this week???


MOD said...

Sharon, the ride typically heads north or south on the Keystone, and then over to Caribou for Coffee/Tea and conversation. Hope you can make it out this week!