Saturday, April 29, 2006


Our boy Sam is off racing across Iowa on gravel and "B" roads. At last report they were waiting for the first group to arrive in Alton. The first section of B road was total mud and slowed the rides to a stand still.

The race is almost 340 miles long. I'll throw up reports if I get any. Good Luck Sam!!!

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Mechanic Sam said...

Thanks for all of the support and phone calls. Mother Nature didn't want anyone to complete Trans-Iowa this year. None of the 48 starters was able to make it to the half-way checkpoint in time to continue. The gravel roads were so saturated with water that we could only get up to about 11-12 mph on the downhills, when usually you could coast up to 18-20 mph if dry. Climbs, though not that steep, found us at 6-7 mph most of the time. This was a big slap to the face since we needed to be averaging 11.5 mph for the first 162 miles. I think the fastest riders were only averaging around 9mph.

Oh well, it can't rain like that again next year right?