Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Go By Bike Winner's Initial Thoughts

Nick updates us on his new found appreciation for two wheels:

* What was it like riding the bike the first time?
The feel of the bike on my first short trip was insane. In my previous biking experience with riding a particularly steep hill was one where I needed to get off and walk the bike. The FX is so light and the gears are so responsive, there was no need for my feet to leave the pedals.

* What comments did you get riding to the store/bank/wherever?

My friends and family said it was a good looking bike, but I expect that from them. One person at the barber shop (my first trip was to get my haircut) told me the bike was very nice looking and thanked me for wearing the neon jacket. She said it is so hard to see some bicyclists sometimes and noted how obvious the jacket made me on the road.

* What do your friends/family think about you going by bike?

They are excited that I won the bike and are thrilled that I have found a mode of transportation I am excited about. My wife is looking forward to the gas money we will be saving.

* What is your favorite trip to take by bike?

Well, so far I've only made the trip to get my hair cut, but I will start riding into work tomorrow. I have done the work trip and it is a nice easy pace, downhill just over 3 miles.

* What is your least favorite?

Biking home from work...but with the new bike it will hopefully be a new and enjoyable experience.


traffic dude said...

Must be something about new bikes and haircuts ... that is what I did too. Brian in KC.

SiouxGeonz said...

I get lots of compliments for my visibility, too. My favorite was at night (I had strings of Christmas lights on, among other things) and a fellow called out in a sing-song, "daddy" voice: "I can't SEEEE you!"
I laughed the rest of the way home.
Get riding and collect your stories :)