Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Nick's Go By Bike Update - Good for the Whole Family

Week 2 of a new bike. I've gone to work and home 4 times, one of which was double the normal mileage because I dropped the car off for an oil change and biked in and back. Yesterday I decided that rather than taking my girls for a wagon ride, I'd use the bike trailer I picked up and take them for a bike ride. At first, they were a little apprehensive...but once we got rolling, they were laughing and giggling the whole way around the neighborhood. Since we were biking and not walking, we took a few extra roads which we wouldn't. Generally we make a circle and call it good at home, but we went up and down almost every street! After it was all over and we pulled into the driveway, they threw little fits because I took them out of the trailer. Most definitely the best used gear I own!

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sydney_b said...

Very cool. I'm enjoying the updates.