Saturday, December 10, 2005

New Arrivals: Nike Footwear

More new arrivals, this time from Nike. I'm beggining to feel like a broken record but cool new stuff just keeps rolling in through the door. Nike has many new styles of cycling shoes designed for non-racers as well as indoor spinning.

The Granfondo WRX (pictured left) is the ultimate Ragbrai/Bran shoe. WR stands for "walkable road", the X stands for "Xchange". The benefit being you now can get a shoe made for road cycling but has a recessed cleat like a mountain shoe. No more clopping around in a exposed cleat road shoe. The sole is compatible with all pedal systems and has replaceable lugs using Nike's new "Xchange" lug system which allows your shoes to be rebuilt to as good as new! The WRX sells for $159.99 and features a super stiff, very effiecent full carbon fiber sole with the "Xchange" rubber lug system.

Next up is the Granfondo WR (pictured right). The WR is the little brother of the more pricey WRX. With a retail price of $99.99, it includes a 3 strap velcro closure, recessed cleat with rubber tread and a nylon composite sole. The WR is compatible with SPD style cleat systems.

For all you ladies that hit the spin classes at the gym over the winter month's, allow me to introduce the new Spin Trainer Plus. Stylized to look like a runner, it is a great all around gym shoe. It includes a single Z-strap closure, recessed cleat and the same nylon composite sole found on the Granfondo WR. The Spin Trainer Plus sells for $94.99.

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