Tuesday, December 06, 2005

New rubber: TNT tires from Geax

The Barro (pictured left) is an XC all conditions tire. Perfect for this time of year. So what's so great about it? Allow me to explain.

It's not so much the tire itself as it is the tire construction. TNT stands for Tubes-No Tubes. Which means you can use this tire for tube or tubeless application. For us tubeless users, it means we get a lighter weight tubeless tire that still has a locking UST bead on it. The catch is you have to use a tire sealer like Stan's to help seal the the tire due to less rubber on the casing. Weight savings vary from 60-90 grams per tire. It's rotating weight kids so multiply it by 4 to get your realtime weight savings.

The second benefit is cost, $39.99 verses $49.99 for a full on tubeless tire.

I'll have a race version, the Mezcal (pictured right), in soon. I'll keep you all posted.

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