Sunday, July 09, 2006

New Arrival: GF Caliber 29

We've been waiting for one of these little beautys for almost a year. Gary Fisher is making two models of this bike, the Caliber and Supercaliber. The caliber features 80mm of travel in the front and back. A Rock Shox Reba handles the duties up front. Avid mechanical disc brakes gets you stopped in time and SRAM shifters and rear derailluer make for easy gear changes. After a quick test ride around the parking lot and over the speed bumps it feels like quite the bike. Supercalibers should be close behing.

The suspension design is identical to the 26 version visually. A Manitou shock controls the boingy part on the rear. Trek/Fishers hydroformed tubing is seen throughout.

Come on by for a test ride... Posted by Picasa

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skinny d said...

the caliber 29 is so hot right now.