Tuesday, July 11, 2006

What's new at Fisher?

Fisher unvieled yet another new design. Enter the HiFi. Desinged as the successor to Fisher's popular Cake all mountain bike, it features 4.6" of travel and is said to be lighter than the Cake as well. The HiFi is packed with new designs. Not only is the suspension design significantly different, but the frame all sports an all new Genesis 2.0 geometry. For the full run down visit Cycling News.

Aaron Mock, head engineer at Fisher, adopted a design that visually is very similar to the immensely popular Sugar design. The swing link uses sealed bearings throughout and is spec'd with Fox's RP23 shock.

The HiFi uses a dropout mounted, sealed bearing pivot to make for buttery smooth suspension movement. The highly scuplted dropout has been optimized for strength and weight.

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bigwheelrider said...

Any word on a big wheel HiFi?