Tuesday, July 11, 2006

What's new at Trek?

The engineers at Trek have been working overtime. Last week they showcased some new dirt designs to the press. Trek's popular Fuel EX gets a slight revamp with a revised rear end on the flagship 9.5 model. The front triangle is still a OCLV carbon design, but now uses Trek's wide stance main pivot and asymetric chainstay/swingarm. Fox Shox and Forx handle the job of smoothing out the ride front and rear.

The most noticeable addition is a new above dropout mounted pivot. The previous design used the flex of the carbon fiber tube to accomodate the slight movement incured at the dropout. This designed caused a slight springy feel which effected the rear shocks spring rate slightly. So gone is the springy flex tube, replaced by a nicely placed dropout pivot.

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